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Growth mindset

Tutree tutors use encouraging language to promote Growth Mindset, a concept pioneered by Stanford professor and leading motivation researcher Carol Dweck, PhD. Growth Mindset is the idea that we grow and better ourselves by learning from mistakes, because a positive and supportive learning environment helps students do their best.

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Save time and your sanity

Connect to a tutor in under 5 minutes! Find a teacher that is nearby, meet them at the place of your chosing.

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Socratic method

tutors ask guiding questions so that students take a more active role in reaching solutions. There’s a misconception that strong teaching is someone explaining something at you. We believe a collaborative approach rooted in Socratic inquiry is crucial for that long-term understanding.

Meet Peer Tutors At The
In Minutes, In Person!

When it comes to finding the right supplemental educational assistance, one of the best and most economical methods available is in-person tutoring with a peer tutor. Tutree provides an app that allows students or parents to find and schedule a local, qualified peer tutor- at a tap of a button. You can find a math tutor, physics tutor, reading tutor, writing tutor and tutors of any and all subjects thanks to our extensive number of vetted and qualified, local peer tutors who live within our community. Tutree app helps you get the right tutor for your needs as well as benefits the peer tutor who can receive the request, ascertain the address of the student and have details provided by your request. In short, Tutree In-person tutoring app is the perfect solution for bringing together students and tutors in a community. Tutree solves your problem of spending hours and hundreds of dollars to find a tutor. Now you can get tutor and a Mentor in minutes at a tap of a button!

A good coach can change a GAME,
a great coach can change a LIFE.

All the top performers in every field have a coach

Sports Players who changed the game

Stephan Cury, Michael Jordan, Tiger Woods. There are many players who changed the game with the help of their coaches.

Celebrities who changed the Lifestyle

Danny Bonaduce, Von Miller, Metallica Nia Long, Bill Clinton.

Executives who changed the organisation

Bill Gates, Sunder Pichai, Mark Zukerberg.


What other students are saying

We dont' like to brag, but we don't mind letting our customers do it for us. Here are a few nice things folks have said about our themes over the years.

“Tutree is awesome.
The most useful on-demand service ever! Before using Tutree I got a C on my first midterm because its hard to get a tutor; after getting help from John@tutree I got an A in my physics class! The physics class was the third in a series at UCLA. Highly recommend him.”


“Ever since I started studying somewhat regularly with Tutree tutors, my quiz grades have gone from 75 to 90 and now 100!!!! Tutree is wonderful, useful, flexible, lets me get a tutor in minutes which is SO convenient!”


Manage your classes
Without any stress.

There are lot of unknowns when you go to a new grade without any help you will feel alone and stressed out. A Tutree is a mentor who has been in your shoes previously and has come out with excelent grades and ready for more challenges with help of his/her mentors. With help of a Tutree the unknown of a new grade becomes known and the stress associated with this unknown goes away. With help of your new acedamic coach you can change your game.


Is Tutree safe?

Tutree is the safest peer-tutoring network. Only the students/teachers who have school email ID can join this private mentoring network. Only the best of the best students are approved to be the tutors. Each approved tutor also gets reference checks from other approved students and teachers.


What is a Tutree Ambassador?

Tutree Ambassadors are evangelists who love the concept of peer-tutoring and want to earn some money talking about it. Ambassadors earn $1 for each student app download and valid student registration. Ambassadors also earn up to $15 per purchase from their downloads. Read More.


How can Tutree help me manage my stress?

A new grade with a lot of unknowns can be overwhelming and stressful. A mentor who has walked the same path before you and have excelled is now available to make the unknown known and guide you along the way.


How can I become a Tutor?

Do you have over 3.5 GPA? Can you get 5 reference checks from other teachers? Do you enjoy helping others? If answer to all this questions is yes - download the app

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