Terms of Service

Updated 09/04/2019

By purchasing services of Tutree, Inc. (“Tutree”), I agree to the terms of this Agreement:


Tutree may provide tutoring, test/exam preparation, homework assistance, academic advice, and consulting services to students with respect to matters related to academic tutoring, test preparation, and/or any other type of educational consulting services. Tutree will provide the specific services purchased by student (collectively, the “Services”).

Time and Availability

Tutors and students shall have discretion in selecting the dates and times for performing the Services giving due regard to the student’s needs. If a student requires more Services at any time, neither Tutree nor any tutor is obligated to undertake such work.


Payment is due prior to the commencement of any tutoring session (“sesh”) as agreed upon by Tutree and the student upon signing up for Services. Fees are subject to change.


All communications between Tutree and student are strictly confidential. Any advice given to student by a tutor is solely the opinion of the tutor and in no way reflects any opinion, stance or position of Tutree.

Exclusion from Services

Tutree’s provision of the Services to/for student is limited to the exact Services purchased. Tutree shall owe student no duty of ongoing Services in this or other matters. Tutree’s duties to student under these terms will end when the sesh has ended, any retainer time has been used up and/or Services completed according to an agreed duration and/or frequency.

Termination of Services

Either Tutree or student can terminate the provision of Services at any time for any reason by giving written or verbal notice to the other party. Upon termination, student agrees and acknowledges that no portion of any fee that student has paid to Tutree shall be refunded, unless otherwise agreed to by Tutree.

Student Responsibilities

Student agrees that he/she will cooperate with Tutree in its delivery of the Services. Student further agrees to immediately notify Tutree if there is any issue with a tutor or if anything occurs that could impact the delivery of the Services.

Further Agreements

By purchasing Tutree’s Services, student agrees to the following: Student releases Tutree, and discharges Tutree from all claims, demands, or actions by student, on the basis of the discussions and interpretations of Tutree. Consideration for this release and disclaimer of liability on behalf of Tutree shall be the Services rendered by Tutree. Each sesh requires full payment. Fees paid to Tutree are non-refundable. No partial refunds will be issued. Tutree reserves the right to terminate a relationship with a student for any reason and at the sole discretion of Tutree. If a refund is issued, this amount will be determined at the sole discretion of Tutree at the time of termination. Parents of the student may participate in seshs with the express permission of the student and tutor. No guidance of any kind will be offered to parents or student sponsors. By purchasing Tutree Services, I agree with the aforementioned under any applicable law or regulation.

Cancellation of a Sesh

Cancellation of a sesh must be made within a reasonable timeframe. Regardless, a student may still be charged in full for the sesh.

No Guarantee

I acknowledge there is no guarantee, implied or otherwise, that the Services provided by Tutree will improve my chances for academic success, admission to college, law school, graduate school, business school, professional school or any other degree awarding institution, nor will they improve my grade point average, increase my academic ranking/standing, raise any test score (standardized or otherwise), or improve my personal or academic record in any way.

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