Assured Safety

The safety of our students, as well as our peer tutors, is of paramount importance for us at Tutree and we take all measures to ensure it. We very well understand that as a parent your child’s safety is of utmost importance.

Reference Checks, Reviews

To ensure that we have the right students as peer tutors we take reference checks of them from multiple sources. Various teachers endorse them and then only they are enrolled with us.

Students can also go through the reviews and testimonials of different peer tutors.

School Email ID Mandatory

Moreover, the peer tutors can use our platform only by registering through their valid school email IDs. This eliminates all chances of crooks misusing our app.

Neutral Meeting Places

The scheduled meetings between the student and the Tutree peer tutor take place at a neutral public location. It usually is in places like the school or the public library or even a nearby cafe. This guarantees the child’s safety as lots of adult people are always around them.

Foolproof App Safety

Tutree app has been developed to provide complete safety to all. We keep all information confidential and do not collect or share student data.