About Tutree Peer Tutors

Understanding that the problem of finding the right supplemental educational support takes a lot of time and money, Tutree has been developed on the unique concept of bringing out the most in any community.

We have roped in the best performing students as experts of various subjects, those who are willing to tutor others who need help. The peer tutors will enhance their skills and also earn in the process of tutoring.

Our safety net is strong and fool proof as only students who have valid school IDs can join this platform. Extensive reference checks are made by us including reviews from multiple sources, thus, maintaining a high standard of tutoring.

A peer tutor is connected through our app and he meets the student at the decided place and helps him to understand the topic and clear his doubts.

Benefits of Peer Tutoring

It is a proven fact that peer tutoring brings about better results than adult tutoring.