Unique Tutree Teaching Methods

Teaching methodology at tutree is different from all other tutoring websites as we adopt simple, straight-forward yet effective techniques.

Peer tutors selected by us are the best of the best in their subjects; be it math, physics, chemistry or any other subject. They first assess the level at which the student is and based on that they help the student overcome his problems.

Peer tutors resort to leading questions which guide the student towards the correct answer or method, thus, promoting active learning.

Students are also given space to bring out all their doubts and finally with clear concepts and complete understanding such students gain confidence and their academic performance improves.

The uniqueness of peer tutoring is that each one of them has their own new, distinctive way of teaching.

While there may be numerous different methods adopted, yet the destination is one common goal and that is student’s learning satisfaction and growth.

The continued proven success of our students has established that the performance of tutree peer tutors is better than the best available anywhere.