A Practical Guide To How Tutree App Works

Guided by our vision to provide help to every student promptly, we have developed the Tutree app that is based on the unique concept of bringing together students and peer tutors in a community. This brings advantage to:

Technology Assists Learning

The Tutree app is safe and secure. After signing in you just have to enter the subject you need help. One tap of the app will bring about all the options of peer tutors available in your area.

Smart Pairing

The intelligent Smart Pairing technology of the Tutree app will help you find the best-suited peer tutor based on your needs. The Tutree app is programmed to examine factors like peer tutor’s expertise in the subject area, his availability as specified by you and also your prior experience (if any) with other tutors.

Safe & Convenient

The peer tutor will notify and then meet you at the pre-decided place. If peer tutors are from your school then a session therein is best for both, if not, any public library nearby or ever a cafe will do. Meeting up and studying at a neutral place ensures safety of the students like you as well as peer tutors.

Smooth Payment System

The tutree app will automatically make the payment so no hassle for you on this front occurs. At the same time the tutree app maintains all records and provides complete transparency.